Pro-Active Care for all your printers, copiers and MFDs

Harrier Office’s Managed Print Services pro-actively manages all your output devices, freeing you to focus on your core business

In a nutshell, what is Harrier’s Managed Print Service?

Managed Print Services is recommended for businesses looking to optimise productivity by doing away with some of the costly inconveniences associated with running print machines.

  • We perform an analysis of your current business machine usage and provide an efficient and economical solution to cut your spend.
  • You will know what your printing costs will be.
  • Your printing costs will be consistent.
  • You will have new machines, with the latest features and with up to date energy efficient technology.
  • NO unexpected repair costs. NO unexpected maintenance costs.

Why should I consider Managed Print Services?

The cost of Business machines and consumables has a huge impact on the daily running costs of your business, whatever the industry.

Many offices acquire an excessive number of machines over time to perform different functions which take up space, use electricity and further your requirements for additional expensive toners, unnecessarily.

Without suitable monitoring resources it’s impossible to take control of our printing related costs, impeding our ability to calculate accurate estimations for budget control.

A unique approach to service

Our Remote Care team can monitor all your printing and copying devices live on a real-time basis, resolving potential faults before they occur, and dispatching engineers before you even call to request one. We also manage your supplies needs pro-actively, so replacement consumables arrive before you run out.


Secure, non-intrusive remote care for your print devices

Harrier Office’s Managed Print Services does not need to enter your network to monitor your infrastructure. We use technology and expertise to track the status and performance of your devices by the status messages these devices send out, non-sensitive data to your business but invaluable to an expert eye who is caring for your devices.

Real business benefits of Managed Print Services

There are many tangible benefits to Harrier Office’s Managed Print Services that will deliver real advantage to your organisation:

  • Continuous live monitoring of your print devices to maximise uptime and pre-empt issues
  • Consumables delivered to you before you run out
  • Accurate remote meter readings taken without you having to do them
  • Faults diagnosed and wherever possible fixed remotely before they impact your business
  • Engineers dispatched to your site without you even having to call
  • Parts dispatched ready for engineers to install and get you running on their first visit
  • Recording of errors as they occur so device and fleet performance optimised
  • Minimised demands on your internal IT support desk

How can we help you?

If you are struggling with an existing supplier whose service standards have slipped, or want a more professional partner who can pro-actively manage your devices, servicing and consumables it’s time you talked to Harrier Office.